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Tendering in Victoria

Do you require a tender writer in Victoria to assist you with your tender writing needs to increase your chances of WINNING your bid? Here at tenderwriting.com.au, we value new clients from Victoria, and the surrounding regions, councils and have been helping local businesses win tenders for several years now. We offer a range of specialist tender services designed to help you increase your business reach in Victoria. Our tender writing services range from business consulting, to tender reviews to full tender writing. Our consulting services enable you to actively participate in a review of your tendering processes, performed by a specialist with years of tender writing experience.

Tendering is a delicate process where many factors come into play, yet it may determine the ultimate success of your business. Tendering is a bidding process that constitutes a vital section of the procurement cycle. When a new resource is required for a business to progress, it issues requests for tenders to several organisations in the desired industry.

These businesses respond to these tenders, and generally the most persuasive wins the bid. A well-written tender offers your business the best chance at securing a lucrative contract with a potential client. We can assist with our range of custom tender services.

how to get started -  Tendering  - in 3 easy steps

It's easy to work with tenderwriting.com.au and to get your Tendering project started - we deliver our tender writing services Australia wide, including Victoria .Hey, please don't forget to check our latest tender wins all around Australia.

1 - Call 0411 717 460

for a quick chat about your projects - we are very helpful and ready to talk to you about Tendering services

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most people like to know Tendering pricing, and what lead time there is - call us and we can usually tell you right away

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after you have received a  quote either immediately on the phone or same day via email, we usually require a percentage deposit and then get started right away

Tendering - Victoria

Tendering in Victoria - let's get started!

Tender Writer – Price Guide

Please call on 0411 717 460 or email info@tenderwriting.com.au.

Small Tender Response

  • $1,750+
    Usually for Sole Operators, Trades, Small Business, Council Tenders
  • Request for Tender is about 10-30 pages
  • 3-10 days turn around
  • Files in Word Doc or PDF
  • Info Request

Medium Tender Response

  • $2,450+
    Usually for SME Business, council or government tenders, all other tenders
  • Request for Tender is about 20-40 pages
  • 4-14 days turn around
  • Files in Word Doc or PDF
  • Info Request

Large Tender Response

  • Usually for large companies, council or government tenders
  • Request for Tender is about 20-50 pages
  • 7-21 days turn around
  • Files in Word Doc or PDF
  • Info Request

To discuss a project in Victoria now, call us on 0411 717 460 now.

At tenderwriting.com.au, we know that every Tendering  project is different and comes with its own challenges.

Talk to a consultant today, as we can help you with the various considerations and can usually give you a price indication right on the phone. If you send your specification documents to us via email we will get back to you with a quotation.

Please call on 0411 717 460 or email info@tenderwriting.com.au.

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You will find tenderwriting.com.au are  a professional team backed by excellent customer service and dedication; we can create a suitable and cost effective solution for you and help you reduce your marketing expenses. No matter whether it is a small or large Tendering project, a consultant can tailor a solution to suit your needs. Related services:Tenders,Tender Process.Tender Writer

If you are interested in talking to a professional consultant to discuss Tendering please call on 0411 717 460 or email info@tenderwriting.com.au, for an immediate quote or job discussion now! Tendering available now - Get in touch with us today!



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