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Council Tenders – What To Expect!

Most council  tenders follow a very similar structure, as you can see below:

1. Tender Prices

2. Tender Information / Company Details

3. Organisational Profile: Company Profile, Organisational Structure / Org Chart

4. Insurances: Public Liability, Work Cover, Motor Vehicles

5. Referees: Referee checks are usually undertaken in evaluating tenders. You will find it is important that referees are able to be contacted during normal business hours on the telephone number supplied.


6. Service Delivery:

Management and administration capabilities and experience;

Past performance and experience over at least the last three years;

Proposed staffing levels (names of key staff, skills, qualifications andnumbers) – Resource Schedule

plua various other details including Occupational Health & Safety Management Plan, Quality Management Plan and Environmental Management Plan.

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